TrafficDefender - Online Traffic Management and Website Queue

Guarantee website uptime, even on your busiest day

Keep your website online no matter how much traffic hits it - No sale, viral news story or TV ad campaign can knock your website offline thanks to TrafficDefender.

TrafficDefender protects the uptime, revenue and reputation of websites across Retail & eCommerce, Media & Broadcasting, Sports Betting & Gaming, Ticketing and more.

What do our customers say?

Keep business rolling

TrafficDefender prevents your website from crashing when it reaches its limit of how many visitors it can handle at once.

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Maintain brand reputation

Everyone hates a vague “website busy, come back later” message. With TrafficDefender, queued visitors know exactly how long they will be waiting.

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Protect web performance

When sites get overwhelmed, page response times drop – and so do conversion and customer satisfaction. TrafficDefender protects against this.

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Save costs

Did you buy enough servers? TrafficDefender guarantees the site will stay up no matter what for a fraction of the cost of trying to out-scale the problem.

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Get more from your infrastructure

TrafficDefender allows you to manage traffic intelligently so that visitors to quiet parts of the site don’t end up in the wrong queue.

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Quick and easy to install

TrafficDefender requires no changes to the code on your site and works on all platforms. Simply point your DNS at TrafficDefender and you’re good to go.

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